I cannot believe that I am doing this, but it feels good to start something new. To all of you who have stumbled into this: Hello, thank you for coming.

I am Sudharsan R, just like every other engineering student out there in India. It is incredible how we engineers find love in anything and everything but engineering. Fortunately (or unfortunately), I found love in Engineering as well. Where this love is going to take me is another story. Be that as it may, I am happy to start afresh on Medium. I believe ‘Freedom of Expression’ is the single…

It is that time of the year once again. It is just so amazing how fast it flies by, faster than we realise. Our scriptures say ‘Kaala Chakra’, which means the ‘wheel of time’. This also forms a vital part of several other cultures around the world. I believe the engineer in me felt left out over the last few months (mentioned in my first article, do read it if you haven’t). Here I am with the engineering buzzword of the present. Internships.

Before I put out my Internship experience here, I want to tell you all something. Your skill…

It has been on my mind all along to write about this topic, the elephant in the room: India-Pakistan. As a child, all I cared about was whether India wins the Cricket World Cup or not; it should not lose against Pakistan. (As a matter of fact, this record holds even today: 7–0, bragging rights it is !). But as I grew up, I realized we are very similar- in terms of our Cuisine, Clothing, Culture, importance to the institution of Family and Education, our love for Cricket, Movies and many more. It has baffled me, why is there so…


Policy buff and Research Enthusiast. Love to read, analyze and introspect.

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